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Hi Ben I have just completed my first affiliate program (quite excited to be fair!!) Thanks again for all your time,effort and advice.You are one of the good guys on a web of scepticism due to the amount of shysters, fly by nights and endless amounts of poor products. Keep it up buddy. Many thanks James

Hi Dan, just to say that your review site is easiest one of the ones that I check out daily, always straight forward talk and content. Love it!

Chris Gyle
Thanks for answering my emails over the weekend, I wasn't sure whether to join or not, but your email helped. Cheers Dan

I haven’t even purchased anything through you yet but I can tell that you are full of integrity and have a no bullshit approach! It’s what this industry really lacks, but I am glad I found your site and will be buying and testing the top recommended earners you have! If I can make 2-3K per month that will help me out massively! But thanks again bro – keep up the great work, we do appreciate it and appreciate you! Peace, Mr. Wise

Mr Wise
I have to say there are very few Internet marketers that take the time you do to answer peoples ‘stuff’ so thank you for that…

Mark Denton Bevens

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